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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My own "Opie Taylor" and our lost banana.

OK, I am a little disturbed. Ollie came to me and told me that The Turkey needed a new banana because she lost hers. This was one of those double take moments when you say-- "say what?" "Yes", she says, "They Turkey lost her banana in her bed". So I go on a banana search through the sheets, and The Turkey is grabbing her pillow case crying that she can't get her banana out of it. I disrobe the pillow and... no banana! Curiously enough there was a raisin under it though! I still haven't found the banana! I took off all the blankets and everything else. This reminds me of the Andy Griffith episode when Opie stashes his sandwich under his pillow. Lord, I am glad you give me an appreciation for just such instances in my life without the help of Xanex! I guess the banana will eventually start to smell and I'll track it down then. I Thank You God for my sense of humor... it is vital to a mother!

I won't even start on these things I had to laugh about yesterday!

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  1. Maybe she ate it and forgot about it? That happened with Grace once. she crunched her lollipop instead of licking it and cried and said it was lost. Yeah, lost in her tummy!


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