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Monday, April 20, 2009

My first Blog ever!

Ok, so I'm new to this, so forgive me until I get the hang of this. I first want to explain the title of my blog spot. Chaos unraveling... this is my life in a nutshell. Slowly, I watch (sometimes struggle against) as God unravels the mess I am. He is working on me right now in such a way that I
don't know what to do other than wait. I go through seasons in my life where He picks one or two things to address until I secede and give Him complete control. At this very point in my life He is working on my need to do everything perfectly. He has taken sleep from me for 6 nights now and for the first 5 he drilled in my head that perfection is my enemy (sometimes with that song with those same words going over and over in my head). Last night I was awake for 5 hours straight. I really am struggling to know the difference between perfectionism and doing my job to the glory of the Lord. Here is what I don't get... How do I glorify God with my job (mom and wife and homemaker) when my performance doesn't even meet MY standards? I really need some input.

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