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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WOW! God you are amazing!

Lord, you didn't even wait a full 12 hours before you answered my question. Here's what I heard... It is not my place to know how to do your will, just my job to obey! You will be the one to create the glory through my obedience... not by me doing something perfect. If it took my (man's) perfection to bring you glory... You would never be glorified! You are glorified by me dropping my own agenda to obey and do Your's.

Last night I slept, all night. This morning I got up, before the girls, excited and ready to begin my day. Usually, I have to make myself get out of bed long after the girls are up, and oftentimes, like yesterday (when I saw that The Turkey had squirted diaper cream all over her bed), I observe my tasks for the day and go back to bed and hide. Thank You Lord for the attitude adjustment.

Just a few prayers...
Thanks for the new babies Sarah, Beckett, and Mason; A friend of mine just had divorce papers served to her; Trevor in undergoing more chemo; Thank you Lord for Hubby's job and the jobs that come my way; My mom is having health problems; Mr. Dye had a stroke; Lord you know if I've left someone out.

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