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Friday, May 1, 2009

You think the couch will fit into the washing machine?

Today, I got the advice that taking the covers off of my micro fiber couch and washing them was a good idea. OK, well... I jumped on that one! My couch is pretty dirty after nearly 8 years of wear and 4 years of children's spillage and two little hairy dogs who leave hair and stink on it... So, I took out a bunch of garbage bags and pulled stuffing out of back cushions and took the covers off the foam seat cushions. Then I put them in the washing machine. A little while later, I got on the consumer reports website to find a good cleaner for the rest of the couch and the ottoman. That is when I read... "DO NOT take the covers off and attempt to launder or dry clean them..." for various reasons. "Oh no, what have I done," is all I could think. Then I remembered what happened in my OCD moment a few days ago when the shower curtain wasn't exactly where I wanted it and I broke the curtain rod and had to go a whole day with it on the floor until Hubby fixed me a new way to hang a broken rod. I called Hubby at work to tell him we may not have a couch and he laughed and said we could just sit on the floor. (Thank You Jesus for such a man as this!) It made me feel better -- plus the water in the washer was brown, YUCK! It was obvious whether or not the covers survived that they needed a good washing.

2 hours later, I pulled out nicely clean, fresh smelling covers. They looked OK to me. I put them back together and it was easier than taking them apart. They look like new!!!!!!! Now, I wonder, if the couch will fit?

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