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Friday, May 22, 2009

Just thinking... making myself feel old!

Tonight, I called my sister in-law. My 2nd youngest nephew just graduated high school. My other nephew has a girlfriend that he has had for well over a year (I think-- if it's LB). Anyway, Hubby talked to her too and afterwards filled me in on a couple of things that brought on this whole thought--hair brained as it may be. First of all we have a family reunion coming up which includes a stay all of us together (8-10 families?) in one large cabin. Fun! Really! I am chuckling as I write this... my sis-in-law said that my oldest nephew wanted to bring his girlfriend. (That is the cause for my chuckle. I remember being the girlfriend at the reunion.) This fact lead to the though that he may marry this sweet girl. I may inherit a niece! This is just way to fun to think about. Then I thought that a grown married man would be calling me aunt Kristan and a grown married woman would be calling me aunt Kristan. So immediately I put myself in my (Hubby's) aunt's shoes. His aunts... I call them aunt... am I old? Oh, I am becoming an old lady. Whoa... I still have a hard time calling myself a woman and not a girl and I... well he is not married yet. Ughhh... what am I going to do when my daughters bring home a serious boyfriend. Oh, help!

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  1. lol i know just how you feel. every time i see that one kid or another has graduated high school or college(!) from morrison hill and the thought crosses my mind, "i used to babysit her," or "he was in the nursery when i was still in high school," i start feeling not-quite-as-young.


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