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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Understatement of the... maybe millenia?

Today we went to Dollywood. To say the girls had a good time would be putting it lightly. The best part of this though is that smack in the middle of the day we were dumped one of the heaviest rains known to man (or at least this woman). I hid under the awning while Hubby bought our food and the girls danced in the rain. They were soaked to the bone... cliche. They looked as if they had been thrown in the swimming pool... no joke. Here it comes... The Turkey comes over to me with a big grin and tells me that the bottom of her shoes were wet. How funny is that?

Thank you Lord for days like this and reminding me that your gifts are not always recognizable until little children unwrap them. Today's awesome "sprinkler" is one such gift.

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