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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saucey is his name!

I came home from work today and found Hubby and the girls were playing outside. The Turkey came up to me and showed me her new friend. It was an earthworm --well "wollerd" and dead as a doornail . She was so proud of him. I asked her what his name was, and she told me his name was Saucy. I reckon that's how she would spell it??? I got really tickled at her and found out that she had befriended him after another friendship (with a grub worm) ended earlier today.
What a great thing to come home to after work.
Speaking of work... God has gloriously given me so much work in the next few weeks on top of all the work He has given Hubby, that we are going to have to carefully plan to get it all done! No time squandering for us in the next few weeks. Praise You Lord for faithfully taking care of us! You know just what we need and when. I love that you don't just give handouts! I'm not afraid to work... It actually makes me feel good!

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  1. We recently had a froggy named Pushy, a caterpillar named Grabby, and a worm named Rock and Roll. Pushy is the lone survivor (released into the woods) He was HUGE! Kayla caught him with her bare hands!!!!


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