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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back home

We've been gone for nearly a week. I made a wedding anniversary cake that I can only give God the credit for. We also took Ollie back to the Dr. and are returning again next week for some more tests. I am ready to know what is causing her to hurt so bad all the time. I'm tired of explaining original sin (or trying to) as to why God didn't make her to hurt, but why it happens. This is not easy. We went letterboxing at the Crosseyed Cricket (a place where we use to live and work) and it is falling into major disrepair. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about what it used to be and how important the place was and the shape it is in and the direction it is headed. I also found out that the owner of the place is not doing well at all. I pray that he will get well. I have such mixed emotions about the whole place. The owners really treated Hubby and me wrong, but I have since forgiven them even if they didn't ask, or think they needed it. There was a point when I would have gloated over these things, now it only makes me sad. I really do love them, I don't guess I ever stopped. I just got hurt feelings. Anyway, Lord, I am grateful for a safe trip and getting to see my old dancing buddy and her 3 adorable boys. I pray that you will see us through another week and bless us in our daily lives. Thanks for being here with me always, and never being too important to read my blog!

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