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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Allergist update

Still no answers. Now we have to do an elimination diet (which makes me ill thinking about how this is going to go over) to see if it is actually a food problem. We will start this after our upcoming trip. Doc says that she has been living with this for so long that there is no need to start in the beginning of our vacation. This means plain white rice, grilled chicken tea and water only (seasoned with plain salt or sugar only) for 7 days. (I think in my most creative, inspired moment as a pretty good cook, I couldn't come up with much with these ingredients. I think even an Iron Chef would struggle!) Then you add in one food group at a time for 3 days each, that is if she has stopped complaining after day 7. If there are still complaints then the food issue is off the table. Ha, great pun. Our appointment was very unproductive. I think he ran out of time and forgot about the nutrifil thing. He said he would check it out when I asked and that was the end of it. Hmmm.

Well at least I won't have to think about what's for supper for 7 days strait. My silver lining... I guess.
"What's for breakfast?" "Rice."
"What's for lunch?" "Chicken."
"What's for supper?" "Chicken and rice."
Yeah, oh, fun times lay ahead at this house. Bring on the chicken and rice! Lord help the girls and Hubby to...ummm, well at least let them find it as an adventure... or at least not as a form of torture.

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