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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Square peg, round hole: don't make people feel like the square peg

The Cave!


Jacuzzi time!

Swimming in the COLD water.

Over looking the fam.

Hot Tub time.

FUN DIP---pure sugar on a sugar stick... Yummy!

Playing with the "balls game"

"Whacking the green things"

Oops, one more cave shot.
Oh yeah, the Turkey said the funniest thing about the guano (bat poop). She told the guide he needed to get our green broom from the kitchen and sweep it up!

This week we went to the family reunion. I was greeted with advice from an aunt (in-law... this time I mean in-law) that I need to do something about the weight that I've gained. Nice way to greet someone. Her advice also came about Ollie's stomach problems, maybe it was that I just didn't feed her enough, and later, that maybe I fed her too much (this is better than the advice from earlier that it was too much ranch dressing causing the problems-- this had to be a joke). OK, thanks for the input... it is certainly not an angle I've taken (nor have the doctors) in the past 4 1/2 years in solving the problem, but well... maybe... Uhhh, NO. After even more "helpful"/ critical words, I remembered what I had read from Robin McGraw's book. You control the way you react, and you can not react. So, in all instances, I chose not to react other than just a chuckle or a nod of acknowledgement. I have the right to not react and cause a fight. I also have the right to leave early from the reunion... which we did, but for more reasons than just this... a lot to do at the house. I have a really hard time not taking these words to heart. Everything I did was wrong... down to cooking green beans with too much water on too high a temperature. Robin said in her book that a person controls the way they feel not the other person. Only I can make myself feel bad. I am not sure this advice helped substantially, after a while I camped out in the jacuzzi in my room with a good book. I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

I have learned something about joy through all of this. If I can find joy, share it with others, and if I can't, don't steal it away from others (or try to). I think this only makes you less joyful, because I don't think you can feel the joy that you steal. Most of us at the reunion came ready to have a great time and other than the time in the cabin with that in-law, we had a great time. We went put putting and to a really cool cavern and swimming in the creek... We had a great time with the cousins and my sisters and brother. Thanks Lord for the extended family and even for the sand paper person in the family. I can learn a bunch about my self as you use this sand paper to polish me. (Sand Paper People is a book by... Sharon James I think...)


  1. Today in church he talked about being the salt of the earth and in the work place and in your homes. This reminded me to be the salt of my home for my children, Kristan, I know that you are the salt in your home for your children and that is all that matters. In Sunday school we also talked about how people gain more and more knowledge and think they know more that others and how in God's eyes the only thing that matters is having the Holy Spirit and He will help you gain the knowledge that you need from His word.
    Love Rachel

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