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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prayers for today

Lord, this morning we head to the allergist with Ollie to test for food allergies. This seems to be a new direction for the doctor's since the initial blood work came back showing no allergies (only slight signs of a gluten problem.) We keep coming to dead ends and I get really frustrated with the doctors. I keep forgetting that You are the one in control; The One with the healing power... not the doctors. I have too high expectations for men and women who are just doing a job. I get frustrated when I get 15 minutes of their time and have to reschedule to followup on their schedule. There is no hurry or true care taken for finding out what her problem is, just another case. I know this because it has been nearly 5 years. Lord it is in You hands. I've been praying You would either give me ALL the answers or to ONE of the doctor's. Since I haven't had any revelation, I am hoping that Dr. Jones will. I pray now we get through the 2 hour or so test and that Ollie doesn't have any discomfort during the test. I pray the Turkey will cooperate for me during it also.

We are headed to the family reunion this evening and will be in the mountains for 5 days. I pray for our safety and that Your Glory will be transcending to all our fun and chaos during our stay.

I look forward to blogging Your answer by way of what the doctor says. Thank You for hearing me (and reading my blog) and for caring so much about us. Enough even to fix a tummy ache on one of Your youngest and smallest children! This is seemingly insignificant to anyone who does not care about her, and You care the most. So I know You are working on the solution!

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