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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How do you put a price tag on a memory?

I am going through the girls clothes for a yard sale my neighbor and I are having this weekend. As I am holding up all these tiny little clothes, huge memories of their babydom (I like to make up my own words-- no comments necessary) come creeping back. I look at these clothes and they are actually better reminders of how small my girls once were than photos. I look at photos and barely recognize them. (Those baby years are so frantic and go by sooooo fast.) I have so many clothes and remember who gave me everything and specific times when each girl wore the outfit; I remember how small they once were... TEARS. This is really harder than I thought it would be. My next step is to put a price tag on everything. How do you put price tag on a memory? I know that the people buying are not purchasing my memory, but the outfit to make their own memories, so I can't charge what they are worth (what would that be anyway). I don't want to overprice anything and it not sell. I don't want to sell out short either. I have given up the hope for a miracle number 3, so it all needs to go to make room for my girls new bigger clothes.

Lord, thank you for reminding me that things are not important and that what You give me is so much more important than this "stuff". I'm not really selling my memories, but just stuff that You lent me, and may it, by being sold cheaply at our garage sale, bring someone else a blessing. Help me to cherish every little moment with my girls as they grow up. Help me not to forget and look back at pictures in wonder. Ollie always tells me when I "complain" about how fast she is growing up that I must remember that is how God made her-- to grow up. Oh yeah, He only lent them to me for the sole purpose of training them in His way! Thanks for the task Lord.

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