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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My house has thrown up!

I am amidst a mess SO enormous it looks like my house threw up.

(Refer to yesterday's post!)


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  2. What happened?????? Sounds serious!
    Is everyone ok?


  3. I have to live with this until after the yard sale is over Sat. I have all kinds of "stuff" and clothes pulled out of it's proper place in order to sell it and /or get rid of it. I have told many people that they can come HAVE whatever they want. I am not a good sales person. Hmmmmm. It will be heading out the door to my neighbors house tonight. YEAH! Then I can have my house the way I want it again.

    As for me being on the computer... I have to have some sort of break that is short. If I sit down and pick up my book... well let's just say I can't put it down quite as easily, and I refuse to turn the tele on.

  4. I am glad you took time to sit down and relax.

  5. Thanks Kristen! Well, "I'm off to the fair." Ok Kristen, I'll stop quoting movie lines to you this morning... It is just really early!

  6. What in the world are you doing up at 4:00 AM ?

  7. The timing on this site is off, I can't figure out how to fix it... right now it is 7:50 but you can see what the time records as.I've been wondering if anyone would notice the weird times. The only times I am up at hours like that are when God takes sleep from me to tell me something I've been to busy to hear. I do not get up to blog at those times, usually I get up and hit my knees face to the floor in submission ready to listen (so I can go back to sleep). God can be such a nag if you do not listen to Him! I love Him for it... wouldn't it be the pitts if He just let us ignore and quit trying to get our attention!


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