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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mind over matter and semi-homemade

OK, so here is a experience I wanted to share. Some people may get a kick out of it or even take the idea for their own. The idea originally came from my baby sister, so don't give me credit for it.

I was thinking about what's for supper this morning... nothing new here. As a SAHM, this thought occurs to me at about 10am every morning (well almost, and that's why they invented hot dogs-- for mom's who forgot to decide what to fix for supper). Anyway, tonight is Tuesday night, our small group night which meets at 6:30. So, on Tuesday evenings, we have to hurry-- to say the least. So in thinking of a quick meal, I remembered my sister's Quesadillas. She fixed the most delicious ones using fresh veggies and cheese and a store bought, rotisserie chicken. Ha, that's fast enough and the girls will actually eat it and not snarl.

I am not usually one for the "semi-homemade" type of cooking. You know the kind Sandra Lee does on Food Network (I love that channel). I figure that home cooked meals are part of my job description (self-imposed totally). Well, we went to the store, found a nice, Cajun chicken and he (probably she -- it was small, who knows) has been sitting on my counter cooling for the better part of the morning. I sucked it up and went in to dismantle the little fellow. I started by pulling off the legs first. Oh, it was revolting! REVOLTING! I kept saying to myself "mind over matter". My husband's voice kept ringing right in there too, "you don't have a mind anyway, so it doesn't matter." He loves this joke! OK, mind over matter, I can do this. I found parts of a chicken I'm not sure anyone should find, much less touch or even worse, cook and eat. Mind over matter, mind over matter. Now the chicken is completely de-bodied (anonymous, I know this is not a word), but that is what it is, a bodiless chicken. I still, just thinking about it am getting chills and trying not to gag.

So, I officially claim the right to call this homemade instead of semi-homemade because more care for my family went into debodying that chicken than the Creole eggplant (delicious I might add) I made last night or anything else I have ever cooked. So there Sandra Lee, I did it and I don't feel guilty.


  1. I could never do that!!! I hate working with meat!!!

  2. this is why only boneless, skinless chicken makes it through my door, despite costing more. it takes ten minutes to saute & shred enough for quesadillas.

  3. This chicken was dead and cooked, right? I bet you could hardly keep from nibbling as you "de-bodied" that chicken.

  4. I actually even hard a hard time eating the Quesadillas that evening. I will never do that again. They were good but... ewww. I'll stick to the usual way-- Tana's way!


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