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Monday, July 20, 2009

Praise God for today.

Today we got some excellent news. My friend's 6 year old will not have to have a skin graft like she was thought to need after a vicious dog attack. God has answered our prayers!

We went on a field trip today. First we went to this quaint, little, local winery for a picnic and looked at how grapes are grown. Then we went to the airport to watch the planes fly in and out. This was all so much fun and it was free other than lunch and parking at the airport. These simple things meant the world to two little girls.

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  1. Kristan... your Turkey has that same smile that you have when you smile on demand. That is funny. She is a "little Kristan" I also noticed this week when "my darling" smiles she has that squintched (yeah not a word)up nose that you do too. Funny. I love to see her smile.
    Love you Rachel


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