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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daunting tasks...house cleaning ADD...accountablity

I am ashamed at how I can't focus on a task. It takes me forever to clean my house during the day. For example, I will start picking up the living room-- needless to say there are always toys of some sort, shoes, the Turkey's shed clothing... I'll get my hands full (of course usually the girls are helping) and start delivering the items to proper homes. Next thing I know, I end up in the kitchen doing dishes and a curious pair of rain boots on the counter. This really happened a couple of days ago, although Hubby is the one who asked me why there were rain boots in the sink? The strange pile of things that ends up on the top of my drier during a days cleaning... The drier is in the center of the house so as I am folding laundry in the bedroom and something crosses my mind (like I need to thaw something for supper) and so I head that direction and realize halfway there I have my hands full... so this stuff gets put on top the drier... I of course rarely remember that I was folding clothes and at this point go vacuum. In vacuuming I find more toys to move... the cycle is endless and exhausting. I think I have house cleaning ADD. This could be why I have to clean everyday.

Now Hubby and I have plans this week to do some major cleaning in our basement (Lord, help! really). With this task as daunting as it is I am either motivated by procrastination or fear to super clean every other part of the house first. I even took my fridge apart to clean it. Here is where my prayer comes... I need motivation to get in the basement (I did do the playroom side today) and accountability. If I tell You Lord that I am doing it, how can I not, also there seem to be enough friends reading this to keep me accountable. I think our basement would be ripe for the cleaning ladies on BBC channel (I think that's the channel). I can only imagine them in their pink feathered cleaning gloves... Anyway, as soon as Hubby comes home, we are hitting the basement. Why do I feel like I have just agreed to have a root canal?

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