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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Satan squashing...

Yesterday, Hubby and I were talking about God and Satan. I asked him if he had ever thought about what Satan was thinking when he decided that he could be as good as or better than God. He had to have known the incalculable power God had, and to challenge Him and actually think he could win... This is when Hubby reminded me that at this point Satan knows he can't win, but that everyone of God's people he can snag away hurts God immensely. This is the only thing he has to fight with. Hubby said that he imagined that Satan wanted to take as many people down with him as he could. He also wondered if this is where we get the saying, "misery loves company".

In our house we do a lot of Satan squashing. I have taught, and am teaching the girls that Satan tempts us to do things which would hurt God. For instance, when they are tempted to not share, or fight with one another, or talk disrespectfully to someone... we use this as an opportunity to squash Satan. I have taught them that God has given us power over Satan to squash him, so when he seems to be lurking around, we simply (as the Turkey says) say, "Satan, get right there," and then proceed to stomp him. This has to be a funny sight from up above.

Sometimes I forget even this simple act myself. We have been given power over Satan through Jesus. From the time Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, God told them that their offspring (Jesus) would crush Satan's head, and that Satan would bruise Jesus heals. And now we are clothed with Jesus through baptism (as Paul says). Through the Holy Spirit we have authority over Satan. In times when he seems to be really pursuing me (bruising my heals), I use Jesus' own phrase, "get behind me Satan". It often seems that Satan is so strong, that I just can't fight him any longer... but it is not "I" who needs to be in battle against Satan, but Jesus. The Bible describes our armor and I need to remember to put it on everyday.

Lord, I would love to see the unseen realms of this battle as was revealed to Elisha's servant in 2 Kings 6. Help me to arm myself everyday, even if I do not see the battle raging. Give me the courage to stand strong and allow You to defeat the enemy.


  1. This post and your physical act of squashing makes me think of church camp and youth group when we sang- Romans 16:19 says Romans 16:19 says Be excellent at what is good Be innocent of evil Be excellent of what is good Be innocent of evil And the God of peace will soon crush Satan, yes God will crush him underneath your feet (stomp!)


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