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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mr. T and TNT

I had to title this blog that because these were things with which my little brother used to identify himself and this blog in a round about way is about him.

My Turkey made a macaroni and cheese sandwich with her biscuit tonight. This in itself is really nothing notable; however, her Uncle T has a way of making every meal into a sandwich. Hubby noticed her doing this and told her she was just like him, and I just love it! From the earliest times I can remember, my brother, initials TNT, made sandwiches out of everything. I love finding little quirks in my girls that remind me of their family heritage.

The girls were having a conversation between themselves tonight at dinner. Ollie was telling the Turkey about her friend J who has his arm in a sling because of a broken collar bone. She told the Turkey that he had fallen riding his skateboard down a ramp. Turkey said, "like Uncle T?" I was confused at first about what she meant, but then Hubby chimed in about T's wake board. Turkey started talking about how he jumps and flips on his wake board. She is so impressed with her Uncle T. She is a dare devil like him and now is eating like him... When in deep thought (hmmm, I am trying to picture that from Uncle T--joking)... she chews her tongue like her Auntie C. What a great combo. A contemplative, dare devil. That sounds scary.

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