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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Steven Curtis Chapman has a new song out that makes me grieve when I hear it. I actually cry every time I hear it and ache for him. The song is "Heaven is the face" and is written about his very young daughter who was killed in a freak accident in their driveway a little over a year ago, I think. This song makes me cry just writing about it (in tears now). So many times I get busy or distracted in my own world that I get annoyed with my girls endless talking and arguing and what ever noise they may be making... I have often complained at the end of the day that my ears were bleeding from endless words and noises. I hear this song and I can't help but think about what if those noises were gone. SCC doesn't get to hear those noises anymore, as is the case for many parents. I think about this song and I begin to cherish every annoying sound and I am sure I am not the only stay-at-home mom who has tired ears by the end of the day-- I thank my Lord that He has given me these 2 precious little girls and I pray for patience when life gets in the way of cherishing moments.


  1. Kristan
    I have looked into some different church teachings and I wonder if you can clarify something for me. Is a person born in a depraved state, inheriting the sin of Adam from your parents? And will people in all faiths be saved? And when you are saved, is there anything that can keep you from being lost?
    Thanks for your insight into these questions.
    Tammy Faye Gossett

  2. Well, these are interesting questions. We are all born sinners and will as we reach the age of accountability be held that way. We are offered a Way out of our bondage to sin. It is like we are born slaves to sin, but even actual slave infants could not be accountable for the work in the fields... Anyhow, Jesus is the only Way-- I must say don't just ask me these questions and rely on what I say... I am only human and am nothing without Jesus. Start at the beginning of the Bible and read the whole thing. God will speak to you through His Holy Word.

    I'm not sure what you mean about keep you from being lost once you are saved. I will state it metaphorically first, if you are walking with the light (Jesus) He will show you where to go. I guess if you decide to follow someone else or purposefully follow someone else you may get lost. BUT Jesus knows you as His lost sheep and He promises to leave the other sheep behind to come looking for you. I think this lost sheep is in pretty good hands. I will also remind you of the parable of the lost son. Remember who the Lord rejoices for? Also recall the state of the older brother. He actually walked a seemingly straight path until he recognized the father's grace. He refused to go into the party. So the older brother made a choice not to be savevd so to speak.

  3. If we are born into sin as children(as you mentioned about), WHY would Christ ask us to become like a child??? Jesus said in Matthew 18:2-3 as he was teaching with a child with him, "assuredly I say unto you, unless you are converted and BECOME AS LITTLE CHILDREN (pure), you will by no means enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    In Mark 10:15, Christ said "Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not recieve the kingdom of God AS A LITTLE CHILD, will by no means enter it."

    What you are teaching here about children being born sinners is Catholilcism...not what we readf in the Bible

  4. No, I am saying that every human is born into the bondage of sin. No child will be born that will not become accountable for their sin. Jesus was talking about becoming accepting as a little child. A whole hearted following as a little child. One who accepts the kingdom in such a way that a little child does-- no doubt, no questions asked, no comparison of I'm better than you... I have little children and I can see exactly what He was talking about. My girls worship God in ways that no adult ever would because of being self concious. I blogged about this in the past. "Children are ordained to praise God".

  5. There is something that keeps bothering me about the last anonymous response.

    "Jesus said in Matthew 18:2-3 as he was teaching with a child with him, "assuredly I say unto you, unless you are converted and BECOME AS LITTLE CHILDREN (pure), you will by no means enter into the kingdom of heaven."

    The part that keeps hanging in my thoughts is the parenthetical phrase (pure). I really want to address this again by pointing out this is not what Christ had in mind. Children are not pure in such a way that we can become like them. They are innocent because they do not yet know right from wrong. As God Himself states in Genesis 8:21 every inclination of man's heart from childhood is evil. I have never known an infant to be born putting others before himself, a child to not lie to get out of trouble, a child to not be selfish or rude... This is not considered sin because of the lack of knowledege of good and evil. We cannot lose this curse of the knowledge of good and evil and therefor could never become like little children in this way. This is not what Jesus was talking about. If it were we would have no hope and therefore no reason to have faith, because there would be no grace involved.


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