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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our news

First, I have a funny story about Ollie-- I have to tell it first before I explain our news. She has been begging for a baby brother for I don't know how long now but doesn't understand the "can'ts" and "will nevers" that I try so hard to explain. Anyway, the other day I got some news about a surprise I had been working on for a few days and wanted to share my success with them. I called the girls inside to show them what we were getting the following day. When Ollie came in and we were still waiting on the slow Turkey, I sent her to get the "baby toys" that were under the table. She looked at me with eyes huge and full of hope and excitement, "ARE WE GETTING A BABY TOMORROW?" she asked... anyway I though it was funny. I explained we were getting a new dog and the toys were for her. So allow me to introduce our newest family member-- Kiki (name is not changed to protect her innocence, I figure- what's the point??).

Here she has stolen a hairband from the Turkey and the three of them are playing catch Kiki. Kiki would stop and turn around and tease them, then run some more. Too cute!


  1. sooo cute! i guess "skittish around children" hasn't been too much of an issue?

  2. No, she loves them, but is terrified of Hubby. Go figure. It is like she identifies with them or something. She is a little girl just like them.


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