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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A lesson in patience

I am always afraid to pray for patience for it seems that God doesn't just hand it out, He teaches it. Sometimes His lessons can be painful or tough to say the least. I know I certainly am in serious need of a dose of patience. I am even up for a lesson or three or more if it takes. I have really been thinking a lot lately about my tolerance for noise and chatter and constant questions and how some parents long for those times and how much I would miss them if they were gone. I mean for example, David's (my preacher) son (grown adult now) was car jacked a couple of weeks ago, but escaped unharmed. David was able to go to visit him over Thanksgiving and he told us about his time spent with his son and how it could have been a very different holiday indeed had things happened a little differently. As he told this story at church this morning all I could think of is what a quiet house would mean. It would mean that my girls weren't here. Now if it is because they are away visiting a friend then that is one thing, but what if??? I don't even want to think about what ifs. All I know is that my patience quotient has increased substantially in the past few hours. Not long, I realize, but it is a start. It is pretty overwhelming sometimes how fast God is to answer prayers.

So in effort to make some changes in my parenting we made cookies together today. The girls made there own!

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