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Monday, November 30, 2009

My mini patience self tests

So, in keeping with my embark on a newer more patient self I am subjecting myself to certain tests of sort. I am taking the approach of confronting the causes of my impatience (lack of control) head on. So last night when The Turkey started pitching a fit because Ollie was doing something she couldn't do I distracted her instead of yelling and blowing up over the fit (which obviously has NEVER worked). I was cooking and I knew she would love to take over for me. So I set her up a chair and she made our turkey and dumplings (with some help). I let her do as much of the cooking as was feasible and it turned out pretty good. She didn't quite put enough salt in it for my taste, but Hubby thought it was salted fine. So my little chef made our supper. I have never seen a toddler so into cooking before. It is awfully cute.

This morning I did it again. I let go of the control and I sat in the floor and we had a tea party where the girls poured real tea and had muffins. Thank goodness I decided to move our fake tea party into the kitchen for the real one. There was tea spilt about 5 or 6 times, milk splattered on the floor, sugar sprinkled everywhere, as well as muffins crumbled all over the place. The girls thought this was the best! I used an old table cloth which soaked up much of the mess and then just dried up the wet spills and vacuumed up the crumbs. All in all it was a very easy mess to clean up and worth every second of it.


  1. I assume that the picture is that of Turkey. How is she able to see with all that hair in her eyes. Did your mama ever tell you that you would be cross-eyed with hair in your eyes?

  2. salt can always be added later, and i'll bet your turkey was SO proud of being able to help! your tea party sounds like a fun way to spend a morning.


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