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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Painting just for the experience of painting with melted crayons then throwing away the product

So Hubby thought this was a funny name for our project on Saturday, but I had to name it so in order that the girls would understand that their art was not going to be saved. Anyhow it was a unique media with which to paint. I must admit, I had fun playing in the melted crayons.

If you are interested: just take old broken pieces of crayons and instead of throwing them away, peel the paper off and separate by similar colors. We did blue hues, green and yellow hues, and red and orange hues all in microwavable dishes (we used old butter tubs so they were disposable) and heat for several minutes until the crayons are liquified. Then use cheap paintbrushes and paint with the liquid crayons.

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