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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 11

I am overcome with gratitude for the Lord God my provider. I was just talking Monday about how winter brings the mind set of hunkering down because of the shortage of weddings (catering jobs for me), and Hubby's mowing contracts hibernating for the winter... It is a time of cutbacks-- major cutbacks in our budget. Not 24 hours after I told that person I was not worried that God would provide, God provided. This time in the way of 2 strangers calling me and ordering cakes for next week. I am going to be doing a Thanksgiving chocolate cake with chocolate/strawberry filling for an ER Dr. who tasted one that a lady bought from our bake sale at church which I had donated. The other lady got my name from Ollie’s violin teacher and is wanting 2 stacked cakes (one layer chocolate with strawberry/chocolate filling and the other yellow cake with maybe raspberry filling) for a wedding anniversary (one for each side of the family). I am nearly to the point in taking my friend Kristen's advice in creating a FB page for my bakery and my brother's advice that I should go into business. I am just not business minded at all. I love to make cakes, but I know nothing of the business aspect. If only my uncle were closer-- he would go into business with me. Anyhow, I am thankful to God for blessing my cakes and those who eat them. Every single cake I make is prayed for, over, under and all around. I am no cake decorator... I just dabble and love it. God somehow gives me the ability to make a cake taste good and look pretty good. OR maybe He has blessed me with a good pallet or "sweet tooth" as we say in the south. Maybe one day I will have my own shop. Maybe I will never have my own shop, but it is all in the Lord's hands. He has a plan for me to prosper. His plan also includes my family, so if my time occupied with baking detracts from my job as mother and teacher, then I know He will not bless me in this. Right now, I really feel He is working to provide for us for the winter. Thank you Lord for the jobs! And the overtime Hubby has gotten this week!


  1. I think you should make a page and a blog just for the cakes! Then let God do what He will.

  2. If I may, I would like to offer a little bit of advice. Be careful with public advertising of you cooking. I have a friend who was going to bake healthy, whole grain muffins and sell locally and to the snack bar at a local fastfood place. She spent money advertising and printing up her labels for the muffins. Well, the Health Department, You know, the government, came in to inspect her kitchen and told her it did not meet Health Department regulations. She was going to have to purchase special equipment and other things to meet specifications for the Health Dept. Naturally she had to stop selling the muffins because of the expense involved in getting ready. If I were you, I'd just advertise by word of mouth.

  3. Thank you Molly. Hubby and I were actually discussing that last night. I was wondering if this would happen, and I have worked in the restaurant business long enough to know that they are not easy to please. I may take your advice and let people onto my regular website just to see albums and not so much to actually advertise.


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