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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gender roles

Here is a funny conversation I had with Olivia this morning in the car.

Me- "We are going to Mrs. Kellie's house tonight and I want you to be on your best behavior." I explained the importance of respecting her house and stuff just like she does ours and warned her that if others were disrespecting her house that she, for her bottom's sake better not join in... anyway she responded like so:

O- "I know mommy. Is it for the Super Goal party you told me about? Can I bring a toy or does she have toys to play with?"
Me- "You can take a baby doll. Kaedon and Ivy Grace and some other kids will be there too."
O- "Well, mom, I doubt Kaedon or the boys would want to play with a doll. They will want to play with boy things."
Me- "What things are boy things (at this point I was baiting her just to see what was in her head)?"
O- quiet... "Well, like cars."
Me- "You have cars."
O- "I know. I guess boys like to color."
Me- "You like to color."
O- "I know. I don't know what boys like to play with. What is a Super Goal?"

I'll leave it at that. Isn't it funny that at 5 years old, with little outside influence, she comes to the strict conclusion that boys don't play with dolls. I doubt anyone has ever said that to her in any direct form, and even her daddy has played dolls with her. (Those of you who know Ernie better not tell him I blogged about him playing dolls!!!) I guess, by her last question, her answer for "what are boy things" would subconsciously be "football".

Not that I dislike football, I used to be a big fan. As a matter of fact Monday Night Football was a standing engagement for my friends and me in college-- of course we probably were using it more to be around the guys than to satisfy our invested interest in the sport. I've got a man of my own now, so what good is football??? Just joking... I'm rooting for the Colts. (They are playing right?) Well, I did vote for Fred Thompson in the primary election only to come out and tell Ernie who I voted for and find out he was no longer even running. I'd hate to root for the Colts all evening only to find out in the end they were not even in the game.

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