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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am still alive...

Well physically, but mentally, I am wiped out. I have tons to do and no umph to do it. I am uninspired and treading on slipery ice (both literally and metaphorically). I don't know about you, but this is the worst winter I've experienced. Yeah, snow is pretty, but 1 was enough. I like the past winters where the neighbor made fun of me and the girls for running around outside in our bare feet in the middle of winter. Now you go out in many, many layers and are blown away by the winds and come right back in with freezing cold limbs. Sledding would be great in this snow, but by the time you bundle up to the appropriate thickness for the wind and weather you find yourself in a movie saying, "I can't put my arms down..." It is very hard to sled when you can't bend in the middle. Olivia tried and went down on her belly and crashed face first into a bush. She was not happy.

Well in a bit of warmer news, I won a really cool scarf from a blog I follow. This ought to fashionize my wardrobe a little and keep me nice and warm. We are also planning a trip to FL in a few weeks. We have a hotel booked in Savannah so we can stop half way and visit my great aunt, and of course enjoy the indoor pool and hot tub. Then we are heading to Leesburg, FL to stay a week with Ernie's big sister, our big sister! We will be redeeming our free tickets to Disney too. The girls are so excited about all of our plans. Sarah asks me every morning if this is the day we go to Disney. I can't wait till the morning when I can emphatically say, "YES!"

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