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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I want to "drip with love" how about you?

This post is in response to the sermon this morning and David's asking us three questions after reading 1 Thessalonians. I will first preface the book of Thessalonians as a letter to a church in order to encourage them to strive onward and to persevere under their opposition. Paul is unable to go to them, as he would like, and encourage them in person (1 Thessalonians 2:17-18).  Paul tells them that Satan is the one who keeps stopping them for getting back to Thessalonica. That being said... let me point out one thing that David pointed out to everyone. He said he wanted us all to be aware that we are all a pain to someone. A pain in the neck maybe, or the rear, but we are ALL a pain to someone. Now after he said that he asked us the first question.

1. Is my life a pain to Satan or God?

Well, I must say I thought/blogged about this one the other day (here). I think many times I am a pain to God, like when I lose my temper, patience, slip back into perfectionism, and just in some form or fashion cause myself to be a stumbling block to the Gospel of Christ. BUT, I think too that just as often and I would like to think more often I am a pain to Satan. I will not go into the ways I must frustrate the teeth out of Satan, but I will tell you this. The more you live for Christ the harder Satan will fight you; however, the Bible does say that if you resist the devil he will flee from you. So I am resisting and when I am tempted and overcome, I ask for my way out promised in 1 Corinthians 10:13. When I realize what has happened I slap Satan in the face when I admit my wrong doing and repent to God and ask his and the other person's forgiveness. Now Satan is not one to turn the other cheek. But it is sure pleasurable to know that I've hacked him off.

The second question is one which follows this expectation of human interaction. When you say something to another person your words will either encourage them or discourage them. So...

2. Do I encourage or discourage?

Well, I would never discourage someone on purpose-- at least not now. I am sure I have in the past and on purpose to boot for this I am truly sorry. Now I really enjoy encouraging others. I especially like to encourage mothers and wives. It is kind of the whole point of my blog. To encourage others who may be experiencing what I have experienced and am experiencing. It is always nice to find out that you are not alone and if I can be that person who shares some of the same problems and can help another mother/wife through them... Grrrreat! (I’ll quote Tony.) I want to be an encourager, but sometimes my annoying sense of humor does come off as discouraging superficially, but I love to make fun of my problems. It seems to lessen them, and if I can cause someone to laugh at their issues then maybe they will not feel so burdened. I don't know if this is appropriate or not. Probably not, but it does explain my intentions...Anyway...

Now the third question needs to be prefaced with this anomaly from... ok so I cannot find reference to this anywhere to give an exact quote or tell even who said it. (Sorry this is vague, but the exact example is really not the point you'll get what I mean when I write it)... (From David's sermon) A lady reporter once pointed out that to get the same news coverage as one killed New York Firefighter it would take 5 dead British Bobbies, 100 dead Russians, or 1000 dead Africans. (Like I said the exact quote is not the point...) The point is that we are most concerned about what is happening close to home. David wondered if God was saddened less by the starving Africans than by the deceased hero in the FDNY. His immediate rhetorical response was of course not.

Now for question number three. In light of this concept and the scripture: 1 Thessalonians 3:12 May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you.

3. Do I love the world as much as I love Christ?

He actually answered this question for us. He answered it with a resounding "YES". We love the world exactly as much as we love Christ, and we love Christ exactly as much as we love the world. I will add to this that we love Christ exactly as much as we love the person who has hurt us the most. We love Christ exactly as much as we love the people we fear the most. We love Christ exactly as much as we love the people who drive us the battiest. Get my drift? We love Christ exactly as much as we love the person we hate, loathe or despise the most. We cannot love Christ more than we love that person. So then, how much do you love Christ? Well for me I am working on this. I really try not to form opinions, engage in gossip, drag others through the mud, be judgmental about others, and wish others harm or misfortune and I have a certain grief for the hurts of others (even smallish hurts for the least of strangers.) Do you ever find yourself in tears for the plight of a stranger and give your time in prayer for someone you do not know? I do. I find myself losing sleep for parents whose children have strayed, for people suffering, for children hurting, for women who truly desire to be moms and it just isn't happening yet... I cannot tell you what headlines do to my soul. I grieve at many of them today. I grieve for the hurt of long since dead martyrs... Sometimes I think I am a little obsessed with caring for other people... I am afraid I often scare strangers when I offer to help them bag their groceries; take their stuff to the car... Maybe I am. Oh well. Anyhow I just truly do love people. I think this is one reason why I love my job of catering-- working with all different people. Now here is the thing I desire the most and it was summed up with David's final sermon summation.

Do I drip with love? Oh this is my desire-- that I would drip with love. What a way to put what I have long desired into words. I used to say I wanted to be one of those endearing, wonderful, old grannies whom everyone looks up to and respects... This is much more to the point. Wouldn't that granny drip with love? I want to drip with love.

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