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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Off to Cincinnati

Tomorrow I am going to the American Heritage Girls yearly convention with some of the other leaders and Kellie-- the best troop coordinator ever and one of my dearest friends! I am going with no children in tow. My mama is taking care of the girls so say some prayers for her! We will be gone from Wednesday thru Sunday. Late Sunday night I will go pick up the girls from my mama's house. I am sure they will be worn to a frazzle as well as Nanny's nerves-- those that my brother and sister and I left for her to have worn.

Just in case you do not know what AHG is I am going to link you to a post from when I first got involved and I will then add what I have since learned if anything (after I myself reread the old post-- it is amusing to do sometimes.)

Here is the lnk-- Jumping into the deep end; hope I can swim

I reread it and since I wrote it we (AHG) have been sued by the Girls Scouts and they (GSA) also sued us on behalf of the Boy Scouts because we are not allowed to use the word scouts or scouting. They own the word. Funny because we partner with the Boy Scouts who have nothing to do with the GSA. Only most people do not know this. The GSA have become very, very liberal and way, way off morally speaking.

Correction for above. It has come to my attention-- read the comments below-- that there was no, lawsuit involved and it was NOT Girl Scouts who asked us to stop using certain words, it was BSA. Now, I have no idea why, and will not stick my foot in my mouth again acting on assumptions. All I know is we are a Christ centered, character developement program who partners with the Boy Scouts of America-- well some troops at least. Not all trrops partenr with them... I don't know, but it is really not the point here. The point is beware of the GSUSA even if they were not behind the taking the word "scout" out of our description.They are misleading parents into supporting some very non-Biblical propaganda and agendas.

Check these out if you do not believe me!


The American Heritage Girls is as we are legally allowed to say, "A Christ centered character building program that partners with the Boy Scouts of America." It offers all of the outdoor experience, badge earning experiences, and service projects that would come from the GSUSA only with Christ and a relationship with Christ at it's heart. The girls promise at each meeting to Love God, cherish their family, honor their country and serve in their community. This program builds women of Godly integrity at all ages from Kindergarten up. The maximum age to be an American heritage Girl is 18, but after that they can become junior leaders and the adult leaders. I can promise you that not only are the girls being held accountable in the Godly integrity department.

So anyhow, I just thought I would share this and ask for prayers for my safe return, my girls safe return and for Ernie to get as much cave time in as he can while we girls are away! I think we will all have very interesting and unique stories to tell when we reunite with one another in 5 days.

Now off to finish packing!


  1. Hi Kristen,
    AHG has not been sued by GSUSA nor BSA, just asked by the BSA to discontinue use of the word "Scouting", "Tenderheart" and merit badge. Thought you might want to know.
    so glad you are a sister in AHG!

  2. Excelent to know this. That is why I could not find it anywhere when I Googled it. I stepped out on assumption and assumed it as due to a lawsuit. Curious though why BSA would ask if we are partners with them?

  3. I guess I totally misunderstood the online conference when this was announced. Typical of me! :)

  4. http://reneesuz.blogspot.com/2010/04/american-heritage-girls-webinar.html

    Here is a better summary of the Webinar and the info to correct my post.

    The links about the GAUSA are still accurate in describing their liberalism and declining morality, but had no say in the changing of our description. I was misinformed and failed to check the sources-- heehee, glad I do not get paid!


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