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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are you willing? Not able, just willing.

In 1787 a group of men decided to seek God in organizing a government for their new independent country. Many of these men knew God, some knew of Him and others really didn't get it, but they all sought God's counsel in writing the Constitution and God used this group of men to write a VERY GOOD document and create a very healthy government. Today, our Constitution is being challenged. If you listen to/read the news at all you know what I mean. I have heard personally from friends or friends of friends, "The Constitution is old and needs to be changed." As I write I am listening to a news story on changing the 14th amendment. Other parts of the Constitution are being willfully dismissed and will be heading to Supreme Court I would hope. Here are a couple of what I am talking about:



My point here is not a political discussion even though I am very adamant about protecting our God given Constitution, but my point is that we have the Constitution because of the men who sought God in writing it. He used these men even though only some of them actually knew Him personally. A list of other unlikely people used by God for great things have been murderers, prostitutes, children, elderly people... all sorts of sinners. God takes these people's willing hearts and He uses them to write His story-- history. 

I figure He has not stopped using unlikely people to bring about His ultimate plan. I pose one little question for you to think about. First forget about being able, worthy or fit for the job. Are you willing to be used by God?

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