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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gearing up for the new school year.

I am gearing up for our new school year and my new job. Our schedule is now pretty full and really more full than it ever has been. I will be taking a break from the blog for a while until I get into the routine. I hope this will not take more than a couple of weeks, but with planning a new school year-- this year teaching first grade and pre-school (yes, Sarah is so excited to start), as well as working for our church in the pre-school department I have a pretty full plate. I am also getting some more customers for cakes. I will have to settle into this whole new routine before I can continue writing.

So there it was... my new job! I am going to be working part time at the church organizing our pre-school church programs. I am writing the curriculum too. I have already started and have my basic outline, and have so many ideas in my head to organize. I am planning a storytelling approach for both worship hours. After I finish this, I will write the corresponding Sunday school class lessons for in between. I have 52 tellable stories to write (I will obviously be going by the Bible so I have the story already, I just have to make it tellable.) I plan on being the story teller for at least on of the hours every Sunday and would LOVE to find someone interested in committing to the other hour, but I am willing to do both. I will dress in character every Sunday and tell the story. I also will have crafts, songs, activities and snacks planned to go along with the story. Our program is going to be called "Story JAM". JAM stands for Jesus and me (thanks Tana). So, I will be writing a lot over the next months, just not online.

We are starting Sarah on a phonics program (hooked on Phonics which is not the program we used with Olivia) and she will be doing the unit studies along with Olivia as well as the Anatomy and Spanish. She will have her own simple math lessons. Olivia is very excited about 1st grade, but is a little nervous because as she says,  "It will be harder than Kindergarten."

I am planning our sit down use the book school time between 9 and 12. This of course will be flexible for on Wednesdays and Thursdays they have their performing arts lessons, library time and outside activities. The best part about home school is that you do not have to be sitting at the desk/table to do school. We did school as we walked up a huge sand dune, a light house, collected shells on the beach, playing at a museum... I love that life is a lesson if you choose to look at it that way. So hopefully I will not be gone to long. Keep in the Word, and keep following Jesus!

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