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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Highs and lows

So if you can imagine a roller coaster of emotion, this is what I have been through over the last week and a half. It really feels like months since I've blogged and since we came back from the beach, but in reality it has not even been two weeks. I have worked one full week for the church and I must say I am loving it. I have written so much curriculum in just a week, that at the rate I am going I will be done in 2 months. I have written like 12 of the 52 weeks worth of curriculum. We are going to be implementing our new Pre-school worship service starting December 5th. I won't go into details because it is going to be a surprise. It will be revolutionary for volunteers!!! And such is our slogan--revolutionary connections! Connecting volunteers to kids, kids to the church and all to Christ! Very exciting stuff will be happening around BCCC in a few months. I hope to get many new volunteers on board and excited about the new methods and about how easy and fun this is going to be. So enough about the highs of my roller coaster.

My lowest point I guess during the last week would have to be when my Ob/Gyn decided that to solve my hormone issues he would just remove my uterus. I left the office dumbfounded, in shock, like a deer in headlights with an appointment to have a hysterectomy on the 31st of this month. After some prayer and serious soul talk with my girlfriends and the Holy Spirit I decided this was not an option and certainly was not the first option. Soooo, I called my doctor and fired him. I am heading to a new specialist tomorrow to have some actual tests done.

I have been walking with my soul sistas for 2 weeks and have lost 7 pounds so far. I have a serious goal of -23 pounds by the end of September. I am praying hard for success, for I hate to sweat. Although walking with Ernie in the mornings (even with the sweat) and with my souls sistas sure makes walking the best it could be. Ernie and I flirt and have a good ole' time just being together acting like teenagers again. The same goes with the sistas. They are gifts from God.

I have had to do some whittling of things off of my schedule to fit in my work and exercise time. I have stopped cleaning my house like some sort of nutjob who can't stop and I have slowed way down on my blogging. I also have swapped my Monday night Bible study to my Thursday soul sistas gathering. We seek God in all we do together and credit Him for our friendship. So we lean on each other as moms, home school teachers, wives and women. We base everything we do on the scripture. I can tell you I have never been so blessed to have these ladies in my life. So my Mondays and Fridays are free. It really is a nice feeling looking at you calendar and seeing there is nothing scheduled for the day. These are the days I can straighten my house and do school without worrying about not getting something done. On many Tuesdays and Wednesdays Ernie is the teacher. This morning when I told Olivia that today was Tuesday she asked me if that meant it was daddy's day to teach her. She about jumped off the bed when I told her yes. She was so excited for her day with daddy. Both the girls love having a chance for their daddy to teach them-- I mean with me totally out of the picture other than planning. It is very good for them too to get two different styles of teaching.

So now that I have caught you up on my new job and the success so far I am having in balancing my life, I will say good night and hopefully I will learn something tomorrow. I have to fast till 1pm in order fore the blood work to be done tomorrow. Yuck!!

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