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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A permanent body roomie-- I love Him!

Have you ever been nagged by the Holy Spirit? You know like when He tells you you should do something and won't let it drop until you actually do it? It is a pretty cool relationship to have such a constant companion. He really is involved in all I do and tells me all about what He thinks. I love this! Today, He had me thinking very much about something someone had said and I really could not go through one part of my day without Him reminding me of what He wanted me to do. I mean literally, He was nagging me.

This has not been the first time He has nagged me into something that I think is silly or that I think might get me laughed at, but He always blesses me for following His direction. I am wondering how I came to know God in such a way that He cares enough about me to nag me into doing what He wants. He doesn't just let me not do it. He doesn't make me either, but He just keeps reminding me until I do it, then it is over. You know it does make Him look bad if I don't do things His way, when we share a body.

Olivia asks me all of the time how I know I am going to heaven, and I remember a time when I thought that only God knew if I was going to heaven or not. The thing is at that point I had only been introduced to God and I knew all about Him, but I did take the time to get to know Him. Kind of like meeting a famous person whom you have read and heard about all of your life, have preconceived thoughts and knowledge about this person and in meeting the person finally you stop at that. You're there; you met him. Then one day out of the blue that person comes into town, holds a party for his friends and when you show up you are not on the guest list-- he does not know who you are, doesn't remember you. BUT what if you had made an impression on that person by talking to them and asking questions and sharing personal information with them. Calling them, meeting them for dinner, inviting them to your home, reading their book... I would imagine you have made a friend at this point and would certainly make the guest list.

The same goes with the Holy Spirit. We are all clothed with Him when we are baptised-- it says so in the Bible. We all get introduced to a willing prospect for a best friend. How do we handle this? We can either go about our day ignoring the fact that He is there wanting to talk to us or we can make buddies with this permanent body roomie. If you are friends with the Holy Spirit how could you not know whether or not you are saved. I am not sure God would move in permanently to a body destined for eternal torture. So this is how I know. I have God living inside of me. He talks to me, even nags me at times. He encourages me when I am down, he soothes me when I am rigid... He gives me girl friends when I need girlfriends... not the point here, but WOW! He really does provide all I need, and really does give me the desires of my heart. How could my best friend not take me with Him to His Father's mansion. He already told me there was plenty of room (even for me with all of my baggage!) He has sorted through my baggage and has thrown out all I do not need, and He has offered to carry the heaviest for me. What a friend is He?

So next time you get an unexpected call from the Holy Spirit, take time to actually talk to Him. He has a sense of humor (I think He even gets my dry, annoying humor) and he loves the fact that I love metaphors! He will know all about you too and will fit right in if you let Him.

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