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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A prayer of faith

Lord, I am claiming your promise to supply me with all I need according to the riches of Christ Jesus. By this I mean I trust you to soften the hearts of Your servants and place Your desires in their hearts. Lord, I need faithful and willing volunteers to work in the preschool department. I have many who are so amazing and I know you are using them, but I need more. I trust You to remind our people they are a royal priesthood a holy nation to serve you and to minister to others in Your name. Lord help me make this job fun, fair, faithful and forgiving and bring the preschool culture in our church to its tip toes, hands in the air in praise to You and may it glorify You. Lord help me to bring You the glory You deserve, help us--volunteers and staff, as ministers to this formative group of children come closer to You by bringing them closer to Your church. Lord, I claim that You give us the desires of our heart and I know You have put this desire in my heart, so Lord, I believe You will fill our plates. You will make the church stronger by equipping its youngest members through the older members. Lord, my prayer is for You to take this program, the proposed changes, the volunteers, the staff, the church body, and intertwine them to be unified as You desire. You told us many times how important these children are to You and sometimes I have fallen short in letting them come to You. I have treated the kids with gloves and not with my heart. Lord, I know the fact that these kids are so dear to me now is from You. You desire the kids to come running to You and so many are running from You as soon as they are old enough to make up their minds. Lord, may it be that this tiny step is taken in the right direction and that our babies, toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarteners come to feel like they are a part of something wonderful-- that they are a part of Your body even at such a young age.

They are who You say we should be like and so often they are ignored instead. Their parents are left to parent without the mentoring of their elders--older parents. These families cling to one another for support when they need the wisdom of parents who have been there and done that and can spiritually help them grow. Lord, I long for this to happen. For the older generation of parents to reach out and adopt these tired and often discouraged parents of young children. Lord bring unity to our body that one part may not ignore any other part, and that all parts will be of equal importance in the eyes of Your servants. Lord we have the perfect set up at church-- You know that. I am praying that I can get faithful commitments from people to attend one service and volunteer the other. I know You know what we need before I even asked and I know You will supply what we need to bring You glory. I know we cannot alone as mere humans do anything to bring You glory, but I know that with You all things are possible.

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  1. not so coincidentally (i've decided God keeps tossing things in my path so i can pass them on to you),we recently had team sign-ups at my church. i'm the team leader for the infant nursery and we got half a team signed up. then, the leader of the entire children's ministry came to me. "have you thought anything more about curriculum like we discussed last year?" i had, with some derision. curriculum for babies who can't walk or talk? curriculum when i don't even have a whole team? i said, "honestly, i don't even have a team, and i'm not willing to be back here every week. i'm a single mom right now until my husband comes home from work, and i need some adult time." she said, "i know, and i have a friend in the 'no more crumbs' ministry who had the same problem and God showed her the answer!" this friend had prayed over her church directory, asking God to show her names. We did the same thing. We made a list of the names that stood out to us. We picked a curriculum, trusting that our babies' spirits are fully grown and receptive to the simple, engaging teaching. Miss Jenni sent out an email to everyone God showed us. No commitment, just information, we believe God has you in mind to consider this. We had an informational meeting. 5 out of the 12 or so people showed up. We showed them parts of the dvd. We talked about how exciting babies are. all 5 signed up, and now i have a full team for the year! my friend beth said God had been leaning on her, whispering about the nursery before we even emailed her. Don't lose hope- God has a team for the kids at your church, too!


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