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Thursday, September 2, 2010

God bless His church, His daughter, His bride.

I have been loving every single minute of my new job. It is amazing how God is working in our church and to be a part of it is a wonderful blessing. I held my first meeting with parents and volunteers last night and I had more families represented than I thought, and it reassured me that all of this new programming is from God and not my/our limited resources of creativity. It is pretty amazing when parents tell you they have been searching and praying for this kind of programming we are working on. I couldn't help but get chill bumps. I have already had some new volunteers express interest and I KNOW that on Oct. 3rd at our big meeting where I will unveil the blue prints for the new preschool program on Sunday morning, that I will have so many volunteers that my cup will overflow. I truly believe that our church is about to grow rapidly due to the relationships we are working on building and the new programs all about to be implemented in our church. God is such an amazing provider; I know He will give us the plate big enough to hold all of what is heaped on. I can't express how blessed I am to be a part of His body and to be in fellowship at BCCC.

When we moved from Lenoir City to here, I left a job working for the church. I loved my job at the church. There is nothing like working for a group of believers. Yes, maybe I do wear my rose colored glasses when I look at the church, but I believe I see it like Jesus does. You know the whole phrase blinded by love or the song "When a man loves a woman"? I think that When Jesus looks at His bride He only sees how much He loves her. I look at the church the same way. It does make me sad when I hear of someone hurting another member by harsh words or critical comments or worse. It must make Jesus sad too, but it doesn't change the way He sees us. For example I am sure there have been times when my attitude or frustration or selfishness has made Ernie feel disrespected or annoyed, but you know what? That man loves me in such a way that all of that pales in his eyes. The same goes when Jesus see His people. We may disappoint Him in some of our decisions to speak harshly or unkindly to someone, or worse sin in anger, but He still chooses us to spend eternity as His bride.

Now that I am working in ministry I feel at home. There is nothing more special than being a part of God's work, AND there is no more important job than bringing up the next generation of Christians. BCCC volunteers are leading the children to Jesus and now is such an important time to do it. I just love being able to help them and encourage them and make things easy for them. I love being able to facilitate a developing of relationships between volunteers and kids and the church and the families... following Titus chapter 2. My vision for our church is to mimic Titus chapter 2, where we all teach each other, lean on each other and love each other.

God bless His church, His daughter, His bride.

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